Energy cleansing

Do you feel that the energy in your workplace is not right?

Or is an employee moving from desk or workplace and would you like to clean up the energy of the colleague who was there first so that the new colleague can start with a clean sweep?


Then I can do something for you, with an energy cleansing.

Contact me by email and we'll see what and how.

In this case, payment is afterwards, then I only know how much time I have spent on it.


Group/Corporate Soul Alignment

This is also possible on a group, a Group-Soul Attunement, then I tune in to the energy of a group of colleagues, a company or other collaborators. To see where the mutual process is not running and why not.


I will take questions that are there with me when I tune in and we will see where answers come and where not. The great advantage of a Soul Attunement is that one does not have to come to me. It takes no time in the bus and a waiting room. It can all happen at the time indicated on an energetic level.


Many a wrinkle in a group process can be ironed out with this. Just listening is often enough, but solutions also come forward or tips on how someone can move on.



A Reiki treatment can be given to anyone. And for difficult processes within a group of people, Reiki can be sent to that process. This also applies to a group of colleagues or a company.