A Soul Attunement is simply stated a conversation through the energy with the soul of a person or animal. On an unconscious energy level I listen to what that soul has to say. I write down everything that is said and what I see in images, really everything and finally put that in an email to the applicant. At this level, a child has the same vocabulary as we do and can therefore tell you a lot that is not yet possible in the here and now. Especially with a little one or a baby still in the womb, this is wonderful for the parent(s).


I hereby give a voice to:


• The soul of everyone from 0 - 100 (Children age 10 years and over must give their own consent)

• People who are not (yet) able to articulate what is going on in their minds, for example due to

  an illness,  dementia, intellectual disability or coma.

• Deceased loved ones

• Children who are still in the womb

• (Pet) animals


I will take any question that is asked into to attunement and we will see where answers come and where not. The soul to which I attune determines what will be worked on. The great advantage of a Soul Attunement is that the one I attune to does not have to come to me. It takes no time in the bus and a waiting room. For a child that is completely fine, skipping all that scary hassle. And it is ideal for people who have difficulty moving around. It can all happen at the time that the soul of the person or animal itself indicates on an energetic level.


Many a wrinkle in a human, animal or family life can be smoothed out with this. Just listening is often enough, but solutions are also presented or guidelines on how someone can proceed. More information you can read via this link.

A Family Soul Attunement is also possible, then I tune in to the entire family and not to the individuals. You will find more information about this under this link.

Just to be clear

Let me make it clear that I am not a doctor or psychologist who can 'cure' just anyone. In case of complaints, I advise you to contact your (general) doctor. A Soul Attunement can be a very good first approach or a very desired addition and work supportive, but it is never a substitute. I only make contact with you or your child to clarify matters and to look for solutions, together. No more and no less. All possible next steps are up to you.