Reiki is a healing method from Japan, which works through the laying on of hands. It brings balance to body and mind. Reiki means universal life energy. That energy is in each of us and it can be used for healing. The practitioner asks Reiki to put the self-healing ability of the person being treated to work. Reiki makes you feel lighter, more balanced, there is more awareness, just to name a few things. The latter makes the forest smell much more wonderful, you see things during walks and bike rides that you didn't see before. 


A Reiki Distance Treatment can be given to every person and animal.

The tradition I follow is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. (Japanese for the Usui system of natural healing)


Do you want to go through life more in balance?

Do you want to go through life with more awareness?

Do you want to feel lighter?

Are you looking for healing of physical or mental injury?

Then Reiki is for you!!


I offer a Reiki Distance Treatment from € 30.00.

In addition, I offer Support Reiki and System Reiki. What's that you may ask.

Support Reiki is that I send Reiki to you or a situation you are having a problem with on one or more days. I then send Reiki for 30 minutes, this is not a treatment.

System Reiki is kind of the same. Then I send Reiki to a system for support. That can be your close family, a larger family unit or a group of people, colleagues for example. Or even to a company or institution.

Because Reiki is so universal, it can be combined with all current therapies and regular medicine. Healing can speed up when you receive Reiki and you yourself relax which is also a positive factor. There are no contraindications to Reiki: you can receive it safely in all situations.