You can contact me for coaching from a spiritual connection.

For that I am using the following tools:  

Affirmation - Energetic Cleansing - Card Reading - Reiki - Soul Attunement 


I invite you to read all information about these tools for your support via the menu on the left and to discover what I can do for you, your child, your loved one, your family or your (pet) animal.



After a Soul Attunement on a 1 year old boy:

'It's fantastic what happened here.

Since last week J. has started eating like he never did before. Wraps, bean soup, bread, fruit, vegetables, everything we eat, he eats with us. He refuses nothing. Even asks for food (completely new to him) and he refuses the bottle even outside of his 'sleeping moments'.

All this was absolutely unthinkable for us until 2 weeks ago!'


After a series of Reiki treatments: 

'A short message from me, to let you know that I'm getting better and better. I feel more energetic and free. And suffer much less from PTSD symptoms. Can even drive a car again, provided it's not too long. I also work from time to time. I wouldn't have dared to think that a few months ago.'