What dedication in Reiki can do..... 


On March 3, 2008 my first treatment with Rebecca - I was already familiar with Reiki, then I really took the step to do something with it. At that point I had been suffering from a lot of pain in my back, hips, head, knees and shorter time in my shoulders for over 25 years. Fibromyalgia was part of the diagnosis, the rest was consequences of a few major hip surgeries and abuse. Had my hair cut short, I couldn't take care of a long bunch anymore, the kitchen was arranged in such a way that I didn't have to reach high, a cleaning lady for the household part, no matter how small my apartment is with 36 m2). I had to lift a cup of coffee with 2 hands when it was still full to drink. After this first fine treatment, we immediately agree on a four-day appointment for March 10/11/12/13.


I have to say from the first second I was totally familiar with Rebecca, even though I have quite a bit of trouble (then) with trusting people. I already had the idea of being initiated into Reiki and I immediately know that Rebecca will absolutely do it.


During the four days I already notice small progress here and there, suddenly I can lift a cup of coffee with one hand ... Immediately after the four days I sign up for the Reiki I course on April 17/18/19/20, 2008.


The Reiki I course was very nice, I immediately notice everything about myself now that we are also learning the self-treatment. Many physical reactions, but reactions, something is happening! At the 4th initiation, the last one, I burst into tears. I feel gratitude, connection immediately with Reiki and especially with Rebecca. She is rightfully MY Master in this.


Immediately with Reiki First Degree I do 2 self-treatments a day, consistently, I don't skip a day, no matter how tired I am, just then I need it double and cross.


Slowly there is more progress, the shoulders are becoming more and more flexible and finally pain free, I can just put a hand in the air again!! After about half a year – in October – I would like to go to a treatment afternoon at the Reiki Center for Being. There I notice that I have trouble feeling strange hands on my body. In December a second attempt, same sensation. Rebecca has now started a cycle on Wednesday evenings, a group of students who give each other a 1-on-1 treatment, so receive and give a complete treatment. I'm signing up right away for the new cycle starting in January 2009, I WANT to get through that fear of touch. 


From January 9, 2009 until my departure from The Hague in 2015, I went to that treatment evening every Wednesday (now 3rd cycle) and I progressed more and more, fear of touch was soon gone and it becomes a very fine structure every Wednesday 3 to be in the Reiki energy for hours at the Reiki Center. At the beginning of March my ever-present back pain was gone... no coincidence, I realize that on March 3, 2009. Exactly 1 year with Reiki and yes really BUSY, I treated myself every day, I didn't miss a day. More and more pain disappeared, more and more energy emerged. During the course of the cycle I was able to walk the distance home!! That idea of the cycle has been a very good idea from Rebecca and certainly did me a lot of good. 


I would also like to do Reiki II and that will happen at the beginning of April. On April 3/4, 2009 I receive Reiki II from Rebecca, with the symbols and the ability to send Reiki. How nice is that second one, now I can treat myself 2 x a day again!! In addition, I can do a lot for my father, who has become ill. For a moment the development seems to stand still, but that rest is of course also useful, nothing of Reiki is meaningless let that be clear. 


I'm doing a four-day with several people during the Ascension weekend, treating each other 1-on-1, wonderful again. I also participate in the pilot for the Reiki and Essence course, with a nice theme to get started with each time. The third evening, with structure as its theme, is very revealing for me too.


Meanwhile, on the cycle evenings it appears that my past really does not leave me alone and it occasionally presents itself as serious unrest during treatment. I "hear" and feel things that make me realize that I really have to work with it. I already know from Rebecca that she does Reikivision with students to actually get started with these kinds of things. After a very troubled treatment we agree to start on June 2, 2009. You send Reiki to certain periods of your past to heal them and that of course has its effect in the present. I almost start to react immediately again, on June 3 (yes already 1 day later!!) during the treatment I react very physically and finally after helping Rebecca with the Mental Healing (another very nice part of Reiki II) I can crying, just throwing things away. I get rid of boulders of misery, am exhausted afterwards but very relieved. My practitioner that evening, a man, finds it intimate to experience, also feels happy afterwards and that positive reaction is of course very good.


This process continues and I work away tons of boulders and become lighter, emptier, more energetic and happier. Colleagues at work also notice it. 


At the end of June I will do another four-day treatment with Rebecca. Every day I am deeper into the treatment. There is not so much a physical reaction, but a lot is happening, as a child of 5/6 I ask for attention, I wonder what that will mean for the Reiki vision. I get more energy every day, come to new insights, relax more, feel freer. The previously ever-present band around my stomach is slowly disappearing.


So Reiki works for me very liberating and energizing. No, I couldn't do without Reiki anymore, it has become a matter of course in my daily life and that's how it works best, I think, then Reiki can do the most for me.


Even now 14 years later in 2023 Reiki still does a lot for me in daily life and I can support many people with it.