I am Tabine Zoethout, born in 1964 and after wandering a number of years in the western part of the country and ‘het Gooi’ I am back with my Frisian roots and I love that very much. I live by the beautiful river ‘Dokkumer Ee’ and enjoy all the liveliness on the water.


I am very fortunate to have two great jobs. Working in my practice and also a very nice job as claims handler at Interpolis. 

I was initiated into the First Degree of Reiki in April 2008 and into the Second Degree in April 2009. I was initiated by Reiki Master Rebecca Bredenhof of Reiki Center Zijn in The Hague. My daily practice through self-treatment has brought me a lot, as I had hoped.


Through a Reiki colleague I got to know Diana Hendriks' Child in Mind method and I did use that method for attunements with great pleasure for almost 5 years. Have done the most beautiful attunements. I now do this in my own way and call it Soul Attunement.


At the beginning of 2016 I started my own practice because I wish for every person and animal a happy life. As an Intuitive & Spiritual Coach I can certainly play a role in this.